Meet The FTZ Team

FTZ Platform's founders are seasoned entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds who have joined forces to provide an innovative solution for the hemp and cannabis industries. The management team is responsible for launching and successfully executing ventures in varying industries with expertise in software development, product development, finance, and digital marketing.

The FTZ Team is internationally experienced, globally versed, and ready for expansion across the world!

Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer has extensive experience in the financial industry. Prior to the inception of FTZ Blockchain, Mr. Kramer was the CEO and President of Sales for Red Sand Financial. He was the driving force behind global sales, strategic marketing, and company growth. During his tenure with Red Sand, Mr. Kramer was the impetus behind raising funds totalling close to $100 Million. Due to his extensive knowledge in the financial sector, he works with venture capital firms and hedge funds in the cannabis world. For over 10 years, Mr. Kramer served the public sector in the states of Pennsylvania and Florida in law enforcement and is a long term advocate for the legalization of cannabis.

In 2017, by combining his vast background in finance and law enforcement, Mr. Kramer became the Co-Founder of FTZ Blockchain. He is committed to providing the government and the people with the essential technology for security, transparency, compliance regulation, and public safety. Mr. Kramer built FTZ Blockchain to provide the innovative and effective solution to the cannabis industry’s top concerns and play an integral role in helping to eliminate the black market.

Kevin Chmielewski