Engage, Unite & Gather Research Data

Through a system of securely encrypted technology, Blockchain’s mobile engagement provides a platform for consumer feedback on both emotional and physical reactions. The gathering of this type of data is vital to the cause as there is currently very little data on consumers subjective findings other than what motivates them to consume. The collection of data can include many different variables, such as the strain of cannabis, batch identification, amount administered, medical condition, and consistency of results.

Off The Chain

This application has a revolutionary mobile engagement tool which enables a dispensary or grower to reach their customers directly on their mobile phone through customized user permission settings. Through dynamic filters and campaign manager a business can choose to share the education, conduct research and provide special offers with consumers through in-app campaigns, notification, and social links. This creates a whole new kind of social marketing and engagement while saving cannabis providers marketing dollars and providing users with a simple and cost effective tool. This application provides the dispensaries with novel direct engagement to highly valuable customer behavior data, benefits sales growth and builds a loyal clientele.

Off The Chain Features

The native iOS and Android mobile applications are equipped with the following features: GPS directory of Cannabis-related businesses, dispensaries, doctors, and retailers; data-driven customer engagement through proprietary encrypted API with an in-app campaign viewer for high definition content including video, images, and content. Dynamic research campaign customization for varied and vast amounts of vital objective and subjective findings and feedback.

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