FTZ Platform

How It Works

FTZ Blockchain Creates Scalability, Transparency, Security, and Auditability on a Centralized, Permission-based Network

FTZ Blockchain has created a centralized and standardized foundation providing comprehensive visibility across the entire transaction lifecycle. This includes Seed-to-Sale traceability, governmental compliance, education, research, marketing, and payment solutions.


FTZ Blockchain’s Hyperledger will ensure products have met all state compliances before shipping of the product. The product will have a unique chain ID with recorded information about the product and the documents associated in one centralized location.

Customers will be thwarted from abusing the purchasing capabilities from dispensary to dispensary. If a customer purchases from Dispensary A on the chain then tries to purchase a maximum amount at Dispensary B, the chain will recognize time and date and flag the customer for reaching state legal purchase limits.

Smart Contracts

The smart contract is a set of rules that governs a business transaction; it’s stored on the blockchain and is executed automatically as part of a transaction. Smart contracts may have many contractual clauses that could be made partially or fully self-executing, self-enforcing, or both.

The purpose of smart contracts is to provide security superior to traditional contract law while reducing the costs and delays associated with traditional contracts.


State and Local Government will have access to the blockchains’ Hyperledger to audit all connecting entities for taxation and compliance. The Blockchain layer will help create security and meaningful analytics for future and current states and countries.


Augusta HiTech Analytical Insights to better understand customer behavior and needs; Smart Labeling for authenticity, strain, cultivated, dispensary and farmer information.

Connect With Us

Our open API Management Tool allows partners to participate in the creation and growth of industry standards. This partnership provides inclusion into the blockchain directory of secure providers and a third party verification of compliance with business and government regulations and procedures.