We have created a Hemp Exchange, The Hemp Exchanged will allow farmers, buyers, processors, and testers to collaborate and purchase product. The exchange will sit on top of our blockchain, the application will allow users to select the type of user they are (Farmer, Processor, Buyer, Transporter, Testing Company, Government agency). The farmer will be able to add information about their crop (GPS location, planted date, asking price and other crop information for 3rd. party testing).

When the farmer enters the crop information that will automatically alert the processor, transportation companies, government testing and end users(buyers). Independent testing facilities will be able to upload the results of their test to the blockchain at the same time the results are sent to the grower. This will immediately thwart any ability for the grower, broker or anyone to manipulate the results of the test. farmers, admin, processor, transportation, government agencies, and the buyer can track yield. End users can bid on a crop once it is planted and the farmer uploads their information, this will then notify the farmer that there is a potential buyer for their crop.

This platform will help give transparency to the hemp industry, allowing everyone involved in the process the ability to see the movement of the plant throughout the entire supply chain. We have created a verification ability for law enforcement, this will aid law enforcement with enforcing state compliance.

A very unique feature we are adding is the ability to store the GPS location and size (acres) of every hemp farm connected to the network. This data can be utilized to help track the amount of carbon dioxide that is being removed from the air. Hemp may be our number one resource for reversing some of the effects of global warming.

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