FTZ Blockchain Government Compliance

FTZ Blockchain's Hyperledger will ensure products have met all state compliances before shipping of the product.

The product will have a unique chain ID with recorded information about the product and the documents associated in one centralized location. Customers will be thwarted from abusing the purchasing capabilities from dispensary to dispensary.

FTZ will also be able to track the entire life cycle of the individual products as they move throughout the supply chain. This will give the end used the ability to see exactly where their product came from, what products were used in the growth of the product, as well as the age of the product at the time of purchase.

If a customer purchases from Dispensary A on the chain, then tries to purchase a maximum amount at Dispensary B, the chain will recognize the time and date, and flag the customer for reaching their state legal purchase limits.

State and Local Government will have access to the chain's Hyperledger to audit all connecting entities for taxation and compliance. The FTZ Blockchain layer will help create transparent trackability, security, and meaningful analytics for future and current states and countries.