Benefits of the
FTZ Platform

  • The First Credit Reporting Agency/Entity for the Cannabis and Hemp Industries
  • Features Centralized and Permission-based Blockchain Technology
  • Assists with Complex Compliance Regulations and Laws from Seed-to-Sale
  • Environmentally Conscious & Positively Impactful
  • Creative Solutions, in Real Time, for Real People & Companies

CO2 Tracking Innovation

Good for the planet. Good for business.

Using data obtained from our customers paired with the data available from our blockchain based platform, we are able to run powerful analytics that will provide the input for our AI, allowing them to deliver accurate answers to any of the questions asked by users.

Various data points will be stored to facilitate carbon tracking within our blockchain infrastructure and provide the framework required by global carbon market exchanges. As there are multiple types of data, different requirements for each, and also potentially a separation by region, we have created a data storage framework that allows us to satisfy all requirements.

Calculations show that for each ton of hemp grown, 1.63 tons of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere. Growing a single acre of hemp would be the equivalent of taking two cars off the road for a year!