Seed-to-sale blockchain powered supply chain network

Uniting the Hemp & Cannabis Industries

FTZ Platform

What is FTZ Platform?

FTZ Blockchain has created a centralized and standardized platform providing comprehensive visibility across the entire transaction lifecycle. This proprietary software includes Seed-to-Sale trackability, transaction transparency, compliance, marketing, and payment solutions.

How It Works

FTZ Compliance

Smart Contracts

The smart contract is an agreement or set of rules that govern a transaction; it’s stored on the blockchain and is executed automatically as part of a transaction. Smart contracts may have many contractual clauses that could be made partially or fully self-executing, self-enforcing or both.


State and Local Government will have access to the chains Hyperledger to audit all connecting entities for taxation and compliance. The Blockchain layer will help create security and meaningful analytics for future and current states and countries.

Advantages of FTZ

FTZ Blockchain has a centralized and permission-based Blockchain Technology
Google Cognitive Analytics to better understand customer behavior
Help with complex compliance regulations and laws from seed to sale
Environmentally Conscious & Positively Impactful
Hemp and Cannabis Acreage CO2 Tracking
Successfully tested & proven using the Google Cloud infrastructure.

Connect to the Chain

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