Supply chain Blockchain Enterprise Network for the Hemp and Cannabis Industries

“Join our open network to increase auditability, security, and scalability”



A shared ledger that serves as a single source of truth, improves the ability to monitor and audit transactions. Cannabis regulations and smart contracts are built in and our blockchain network can establish the conditions under which a transaction or asset exchange can occur.



Our security features protect against fraud, tampering, and cybercrime. This members-only network offers enhanced privacy through the use of IDs and permissions, Users can specify which transaction details they want other participants to be permitted to view.



Transactions are time-stamped and can be verified in near real time. Permissions can be expanded for special users, such as auditors, who may need access to more transaction detail.

Augusta HiTech Framework, Hyperledger, Fabric utilizing Google's Cloud Infrastructure

The blockchain allows stakeholders to participate at every level of the process to enforce government regulation, licensing, inventory control and taxation for example.

Analytical Insights by
Augusta HiTech

Driving intelligence from the HyperLedger, our analytics will help the world better understand Marijiuana strains. Such as strain demand across the network, application of strains to symptoms, predictive models for new supply and demand chains across the current and future landscape.

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